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Stories and storytelling workshops for all ages

Stories- “Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin....”

There’s nothing quite like it, is there? Listening to someone telling a story, direct and personal. I’ve now had the experience of working a lot with adults to add to my previous experience of children, and I can say with some confidence that there is very little difference in the quality of attention and delight, whether I’m working in a school, a library or a prison. Not only that, but the same stories seem to hold the same fascination for people of all ages.

So, if you’re interested, please get in touch. I specialise in telling tales from the rich folk heritage of the British Isles and Northern Europe, but sometimes include stories from Ancient Greek myths and other folk tales. These days I’m more and more likely to tell you tales from my homeland of Wales, of course, and every session will include at least one opportunity for the group to create a new story with me.

Group size is no problem – I can tell stories to school assemblies or very small groups. Or anything in between. I can work to a theme, if there is one, and fit in with a Book Week or Arts Week. Oh, and I can also cope with children’s parties, and add some games as well.

Costs: My fee for a full day of storytelling (and I’m happy to fit in as much as possible to make full use of the time) is £200.00. A half day or evening session usually works out at £150.00. Much depends on the distance to be travelled, of course, but please contact me to discuss what you have in mind and to see whether we can combine two or more venues to make the travelling more worthwhile if you’re over 60 miles from my home in Pontypool.

The Story Workshop

Guaranteed to produce story ideas of all kinds from almost anyone!

First devised for adults and run in such different places as the Greek island of Skyros and various personal development centres, this workshop has always been flexible and adaptable. In the past few years I’ve been working for the charities Storybook Dads and Kids Out and I’ve taken the workshop to adults working in children’s hospices and play schemes as well as to prisoners wanting to send stories home to their families. Because I’ve also worked in schools for many years, I’ve also used each of the activities with children – different age groups, differing socio-economic backgrounds and varied ethnicities.

What happens in the workshop? A variety of games, activities and exercises designed to work as prompts for stories. Some will be pure works of the imagination, but there is also scope to look at true life experiences. It’s all planned to be fun and there is no pressure to write, nor is there any competitiveness. Oh, and it’s easy. The only way to get it wrong is not to join in.

In other words, this is a workshop that will work for anyone, anywhere. Age range – realistically, 6 years upwards. Group size – ideally 12 – 18, but in a school it will work with a class of 30. Duration – the workshop can be split and adapted in various ways, and in its best form it takes two days. It can be adapted for schools as a one day experience. It’s also possible to edit some highlights for an INSET session for staff after school.

Costs: £250 per full day. A half day or evening session would be £200. Travel costs and expenses may need to be calculated, depending on when and where the workshop is to take place, but I try to keep these as low as possible.

About Anne Lister

Anne has had a full and varied career in teaching, music and storytelling. She taught EFL for two years in Lyon, France and then for a further two years in London further education colleges. She did a PGCE at the Institute of Education based on teaching English to speakers of other languages, and then taught French in a Hackney comprehensive school for five years. She then retrained to work in primary schools, where she has mainly worked for the past ten years, holding responsibility posts in language and music, and teaching children from a bewildering variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds in inner city London. Anne has now moved back "home" to Cardiff, where she was brought up.

Alongside all of this she has continued a successful career with her music, best known as a songwriter with songs based on myths and the Arthurian tales. She has toured extensively in the UK and the USA, and released five albums of her songs. She has always been a storyteller, and over the past ten years has worked in libraries, arts centres and schools with her stories and songs. She also runs workshops for adults in voice, storytelling and creativity, and has taken these workshops to the UK, the USA, France, Spain, Italy and Greece.

She is fully professional and ready and willing to travel anywhere ... just call!
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