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Clearing Your Throat- A voice workshop

The workshop that guarantees even the most timid vocalist more confidence, more volume and much more fun...

Anne has taken this workshop to Greece, Spain, France and Italy as well as the UK and the US, and worked with many people from all manner of backgrounds. Which means that even if you think that you sing like Kermit the Frog you should consider taking part in this workshop. In fact, the perfect candidate for participation is the person who says or thinks "I'd be a real challenge" What do we do? All manner of fairly off-the-wall activities, some games drawn from theatre impro techniques, a lot of singing and some work on the most important question of all ... What's holding you back? At the end of the session people generally come out smiling (it's not painful!) and humming themselves.

What Anne needs...

a group of at least 8 people (maximum 16), a room big enough for those people to move around in, and a minimum time span of 90 minutes. Longer is better, But that's all.

Exploring the Enchantment
Fairytales and creativity This time a workshop for all of those who would like to be a storyteller, and for those who already claim that title but would like to play a little...

We use fairytales as a starting point for our own creativity and then build from there, finishing wherever possible with finding or remembering stories from the landscape. This is about stories for fun, rather than therapy, and the activities within the workshop are about rediscovering the joys of telling tales. So again we play some games, Anne Sets some totally unreasonable tasks and everyone emerges bright and shiny with large smiles on their faces... And a fresh sense of confidence in their ability to tell stories.

For this workshop Anne needs a group of at least 6 people, a room big enough to hold the group and a time span of at least 2 hours. In each case, more is better, although the maximum group size would be 16 people.

Stories into Song- A songwriting workshop

After much demand, a workshop on songwriting, but one with a difference.

This workshop explores how stories transfer into songs, using Anne's own techniques which have been firmly based on the strengths of traditional ballads. During the workshop there will be some discussion, some examples from Anne (and any willing participants) and a practical activity. Recent experience teaches Anne that as a result of this workshop several people come up with songs which are either almost complete or certainly in a substantial skeletal form, so come prepared to have a go.

What Anne needs ..

a minimum group size of 6 people (no maximum, although the more people, the fewer opportunities for participants to contribute), a room big enough for the group and a minimum time span of 2 hours. Participants are invited to bring pen, paper and the instrument of their choice. If anyone needs a grand piano, that's really their problem....

About Anne Lister Anne has had a full and varied career in teaching, music and storytelling. She read French at Warwick University, specialising in medieval French and Occitan and the early stories of King Arthur. She then taught English in Lyon, France and returned to England to complete a teaching certificate before teaching French to boys at an inner London secondary school. She subsequently retrained to work in primary schools, where she has mainly worked for the past ten years, holding responsibility posts in language and music and teaching children from a bewildering variety of linguistic and cultural backgrounds in inner city London. Anne now lives in Cardiff.

Alongside all of this she has continued a successful career with her music, touring in the UK and the USA, and releasing five albums of her songs. She has always been a storyteller, and over the past ten years has worked in libraries, arts centres and schools with her stories and songs.

She also runs workshops for adults and/or children in voice (for people who think they can't sing), songwriting, storytelling and creativity. She has taken these workshops around the UK (to Grimstone Manor, Monkton Wyld and Little Grove for example), to France, Italy and the USA, to Cortijo Romero in Spain, and Atsitsa in Greece as well as running successful INSET courses for teachers. Her voice workshops have been featured on the BBC2 Holiday show, and on BBC Radio 4's Breakaway programme.

Practicalities A small, discreet note about realities such as money and other such practicalities.. All of these workshops work best with more time, and for Exploring the Enchantment and Vocal Windsurfing for Beginners a weekend is best of all because it gives time for ideas to gel and the group to get used to each other. Anne would like to earn a minimum of £150 per day or part of a day, and obviously with a group of 10 or more participants that's easier to achieve. But let's talk if you're interested, and see what can be arranged.
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